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Shoot an iPhone Movie Outside

Who doesn’t like to take photos and shoot videos?  Obviously we all do and when you have an iPhone why miss any chances of flaunting your phone and your photography skills. Apple had launched the video recording feature back when it had launched its iPhone 3Gs, from that times specifications and quality of recording Apple has improved a lot over the period of time. With the latest new models in iPhones, you can enjoy some amazing shooting and filmmaking experience.

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Just having a good, on top of the world, latest iPhone is not sufficient enough to have the best shooting experience. You need to keep the key information in mind while making the movie and that is understanding the light. It is most important thing to have knowledge about the lighting especially when you are shooting outside. In this article, I will be discussing the key tips of best lighting to shoot an iPhone movie outside, which will help you with making movies like a pro.


The best lighting to shoot an iPhone movie outside are:

Sun Light

If you are out for a picnic or for a football game or any other fun event where it becomes necessary to shoot a video in broad day light the first problem that you might encounter is the bright sun glaring up the entire photo or if you are facing the sun and shooting the video the movie shoot will rather be dark.

What can you do to overcome these issues? 

Never try to take a video when you are facing the sun, make sure that your back is always towards the sun when shooting a video. And if that is not possible and the lights are glaring up the lenses simply make a shed for your iPhone with the help of a paper or any such thing that you can find.


Light on the subject

When you are shooting a movie, see to it that the face of the subject is not getting overexposed due to the excess light on the subject’s face.

What can you do to overcome these issues?

If the is the case then adjusts the exposure on your camera and lock it, if you can change the placement and set-up. Let the light fall on the subject from sideways. This will give you a better quality video and as natural as you can see from your naked eyes.


Low Light photos

When shooting in low light you need to take care that you do not expect much in such light.  The best recording that you can do is the silhouette effect. In this type of lighting, the subject is not seen very clearly but it is seen as a dark image with a bright sky and sun behind the subject. If you are looking for any such effect the best thing is to capture the video in such a way that the bright sun is exactly behind the subject.


Shooting at night in a live concert
When shooting in a live concert you cannot have a constant subject or a constant light so don’t expect much simply put your camera on the burst mode and start shooting. video-at-concert


When shooting on a foggy day or extreme weather

If you ever get the chance to shoot in a foggy weather or extreme weather condition when there is not much of a sunlight all you need to do is set the exposure to try not to move the phone much prefer having a tripod and shoot. You can shoot more of a dramatic video in such light conditions.



I hope you have enjoyed these tips.  These are some of the best lighting scenarios to shoot an iPhone movie outside the situation and how to do it like a pro. Now make each and every memory of yours be a treasured one with your loved ones and your iPhone.   If you have any questions or comments about the articles on our blog, we would love to hear more from you.  Please feel free to reach us via the contact page here on our site.