Best Lighting For iPhone Videos

Best Lighting For iPhone Videos

How To Get The Best Lighting For Your iPhone Video

For those who can’t afford a video camera, the iPhone is the next best alternative. But, with just an iPhone, how are we to shoot professional-looking videos? A major deciding factor is the lighting. The lighting pointed at whatever the iPhone is filming is crucial, as it determines at entire atmosphere and feel of the video. If the lighting used is inferior, it will show evidently in your iPhone video. So, let’s talk about how to get the best lighting for your iPhone videos. By the way, if you’re a beginner at shooting videos with your iPhone, you should definitely check this out.
iphone lightsFirst, let’s start from what you can do if you don’t want to spend any money. If you’re shooting indoors, the obvious action would be to turn on the lights or shoot your video near the window.

The next thing you can do is to tweak some of your iPhone camera settings. Some seem to neglect the importance of doing this, so, if you are one of those people, just trust me and follow along.


  • 1.This is pretty basic, but it has to be said: If you’re filming in a low light environment and something can’t be seen too well, just click on the area and it should lighten up automatically.
  • 2.If you’re on iOS 8, you can change the exposure of your camera. If you hold down your finger on the screen, you’ll see that a little sun comes up on the side. Press the sun and adjust the exposure lock according to your preferences.
  • 3.There are some iPhone apps which allow you to put a filter on your video, which can provide a certain mood or feel. In many cases, you’ll see that filters look great when applied together with the previous two steps.

Lastly, experiment with your lighting angle. Whatever you’re filming, try using various different angles to see what works best for you. For example, if you’re filming food, a good idea would be to position your iPhone on top of the food with the inbuilt flashlight turned on while filming. If you’re taking a video of someone, see which angle of lighting emphasizes their facial features better.This will dramatically enhance the quality of your video.

Now, if those tips don’t do it for you, here are two studio lighting options that keep well within a budget.

1. Coming in at USD $49.99, the LMS103 continuous lighting kit by LumoStudio gives you a great bang for your buck. It comes with 2 lighting umbrellas, 2 umbrella stands, 3 45W bulbs, and even carrying cases. This is a great lighting kit at its price range as it is able to provide studio quality lighting at an extremely reasonable price. This is especially for the beginners who are serious about getting into shooting iPhone videos.

2. For those who see iPhone videos as more of a casual hobby, the Neewer 126 LED Studio Lighting Kit priced at USD32.99 is a great option. The kit consists of a light and a light stand. This kit can not only be used for video lighting, but also as an office table lamp or industrial lamp. Its versatility gives it great resell value and should your interest in iPhone video wane, it’s a highly viable investment.
So, that’s it! Those are just some of the tips and tricks on getting the best lighting for your iPhone video. Best wishes!


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