griffinGriffin has been contributing to our blog for many years now.  He has an extensive knowledge of filmmaking and has become an expert in iPhone movie production.  When it comes to creating awesome movies with a mobile device, Griffin is the go-to guy for all of your questions and answers.

Griffin grew up in a quite neighborhood on the east coast and has lived all over the USA.  He has attended some of the finest film schools in our nation and has worked on many films that you would recognize.   Griffin is somewhat a quite person and prefers to stay hidden in the background and not take too much online credit for his work and accomplishments, thus why we are being vague about his experience.

Married to a lovely wife for 18 years, the two have 3 wonderful children that will someday soon give Giffin a run for his money when it comes to filmmaking on a mobile device.  It has been said that Griffin’s oldest daughter has been known to give her dad a tip or two when it comes to mobile production.  She may soon be the go-to gal for all things mobile production and step into Griffin’s place here at this blog if he doesn’t watch it.  lol

We hope you enjoy reading this blog and will reach out to us with any questions or comments.