See the world through the Iphone Camera

iPhone Photography

Have you ever experienced driving by a sunset that is awesomely breathtaking that you decided to stop your car just to capture the beauty of the setting sun? Or perhaps you sometimes find yourself stunned with the surreal setting of the down town area that you pause and take a picture of the moment? Every now and then, our inner photography wakes us up in moments we least expect. One time or the other, we might be standing at just the right position of taking a perfect angle of the occasion. Whatever situation we may find ourselves in, it is always best to have a camera in handy. So that whenever and wherever our photography skills kick in we are ready for that perfect shot.

sunset photo


The Perfect Shot

You might be surprised to know that you don’t have to own a DSLR Camera or bring your DSLR Camera with you all the time to capture picture perfect moments. With all the misconceptions and rumours, you might find yourself in shock that the iPhone Camera can give you the same quality photos as do DSLRs.

How is that even possible? You ask. The truth is, you just didn’t use iPhone Camera features at its maximum potential. The secret lies in discovering the amazing features of the iPhone Camera and see the world at a clearer view with iPhone Photography.

People would often say that you can only take the best quality pictures with a DSLR. However, iPhone says to try him out. It is always about experimenting with the angles and perspective of the camera you are holding. And the amazing pictures that you often see in social media posts can be made possible with iPhone photography. Experiment on the level of angle you are shooting at. For example, you might want to position your iPhone camera just level with the hips to make the picture look alive and give it a random touch as we don’t look at people at that level. Another tip to give it more life is to tilt the camera at a certain angle. It adds to drama especially when you take pictures in crowded streets, traffic roads, and the such. You can also emphasize your objects in your photos through a good perspective. With perspective, you can tell your audience what you are giving focus on the picture. There are more ways that you can experiment with in your iPhone. It is just waiting for you to discover.

Editing Photos

Our photos of course will not be complete and would not look more surreal if we forget to add a touch of the power of edit in them. In the App Store, you can find a wide array of applications that can help you with your every editing needs. May it be lay out or effects, we have the choice what photo applications to pick. One of the most popular apps is VSCO. This app is not like the other editing apps because it offers a smooth editing effects and touch to the raw photos you have. With good balance of exposure, contrast and texture in its features, you can produce a photo as if it just came out fresh from a magazine dramatic cover photo.


Iphone Camera really has a lot in store for the photographer in you. It is just waiting for you to discover them and see the world through its lenses.


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