Tips for Making a Movie with an iPhone

Lights, Camera, Action

If you own an iPhone, you got all you need to make a great movie. The iPhone has an incredible camera, however, simply clicking record may not bring about a quality video. Below are tips to make a good looking movie.

IPhone Movie Tip 1: Holding it steady

This is critical. The first of iPhone movie tips is to keep the phone as stable as possible. The iPhone can take wonderful HD footage if it is perfectly balanced, however, if you shake the phone, the picture quality degrades. Pretty much as when you shoot with a video camera, a tripod plays a key role.

If a tripod is not available, one adjustment trick is laying the handset on a shirt or something soft as you hold it on top of a table, the ground or other firm surface. Holding your breath while taking shots can reduce instability in case you are hand-holding the telephone on a strong surface. On the off chance that you can set it on a surface without holding it, that is stunningly better.

IPhone Movie Tip 2: Use Good Lighting

If you do not have great studio lights, you can go outside. Smartphones are able take astonishing videos, however, the lighting needs to be bright. We’ve all observed grainy photographs and recordings from good natured people, so simply remember the lighting in many houses alone is not sufficiently brilliant for clear video shooting. If you are recording indoors, light it up however much as could be expected – with bulbs or even simply shooting almost a sunny window.


IPhone Video Tip 3: Focus on Sound

The most ideal approach to get great sound is to use a quality receiver that is near your mouth. There are a couple of good amplifiers for the iPhone. The two most popular are the the Rode iXY and the Rode SmartLav. If somehow one is to consider any of these iPhone making tips the most imperative, it would be this one. Without great sound, the movie is going to feel more beginner.

IPhone Movie Tip 4: Use Lenses

Blend it up. Try using specialty lenses. They might not be the finest thing on the planet, but rather they are enjoyable to try to stir up your shots. For instance you may try a 60x magnifying lens, a zooming lens, and a wide edge focal point pack. By and large, they are low-cost and kind of amusing to play with. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the best focal point is achieved by the lens on the camera. These inexpensive lenses are not meant to corrupt the quality of the picture, as you will most likely observe from this tip.

If you prefer not to buy lenses, you can achieve intriguing shots. Variety is the zest of life and filmmaking. Take a stab at shooting starting from the ground, up high, from the side, from inside things – loads of angles! The camera might be small, yet you can be exceptionally powerful in the manner you shoot and present your story.

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