Creating An iPhone Movie For Your Business

Creating An iPhone Movie For Your Business

Your Business iPhone Movie

Technology has changed so much over the years. We are at a digital convergence state with technology becoming more accessible and functional. iPhones have great features, some of these features like the camera can help you take amazing images and pictures. Most people know that you can take nice but the truth is it can do more than that; you can create amazing movies with little experience and no real need for additional “Special” equipment.

Businesses who are looking at expanding their digital marketing channels can add videos to their repertoire. It is better to show and tell people about your company, its products and why they should choose you over everyone else.  We are currently in contracts with Parking Lot Striping San Antonio to create an iPhone movie for their business.  Studies have shown that people would rather hear a 30-second visual message than reading a two minute written copy. Taking corporate videos and it is cheaper than. Here are a few tips on how to make an iPhone movie for your business:

1. Come up with an idea for your video
Create a story that you will be able to tell without too many hassles. A lot of people find it easy to tell a story in a digital medium by planning it on a storyboard.

2. Work out how you want to film the video
Decide if you want a one take experience or whether you can have different takes and even different casts and subjects that you can weave together in post-production.

3. Draw up a plan and schedule and do one thing at a time
At this point, you should be planning technical aspect. You need to find the microphones, work out the camera angles, augmenting the lighting and other things.

4. Start shooting
Depending on the type of video you are making whether you have still images with voiceovers or titles or an actual moving picture where people have speaking roles, etc. You need to consider the type of shots that will work. Know when to shoot close-ups and wide angle videos. Start with simple concepts and ideas and not complicate how you choose to deliver a message by trying too hard. You are still shooting a movie on a [hone and not at some studio with numerous cameras, equipment, tools and people working hard to bring your vision to life. The video is your vision so you should be able to come up with a creative and easy.

5. Put the video together
To do this you will need iMovie or some other third party software.  iMovie allows you to put all the clips together and it gives you options for clip transitions, titles, audio levels even narration.

When you are happy with the finished product you can upload it on social media sites or even use it on your own business site as a promotional video to help you convey a message and do other things.

It takes some time to master iPhone video production but once you master it, it will be easy to communicate things visually which is the more memorable way of marketing brands these days. When you get good at this, and you will with a lot of practice, you should be able to create award video ads or promotional movies for your business.


Here is a great video with more tips that we thought you may enjoy.


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