iPhone Movie Productions For Your Business

Make a Great Video For Your Business

At this point in time, everyone knows what an iPhone is, we all know what Apple is and we all know how amazing an iPhone truly is.  The iPhone 3 had a greater processing power than the computers first used on the first NASA mission to the moon. Now we have newer and much more technology-heavy phones like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 and these nifty little things can pretty much do anything you ask of it, just a few clicks to the app store, a few more to find the app you need and bang, it’s done.  We set out to make a video for commercial pressure washing Houston and decided to share our tips with you here.

With the practical existence of an application for every need, be it for academics or to annoy your friends with farts, can the iPhone fulfill another very specific purpose, namely making you a cheap but professional looking advertisement for your business?


First, we need to take a look at the iPhone’s specifications, specifically the iPhone 6’s camera since its the most popular iPhone as of now.  It has an 8MP, autofocusing, dual-LED, flash enabled quality checking, face detecting, focus to the touch camera.  Now if you’re not a tech-wiz this might seem like Greek to you, the easiest way to clear it up is by comparison.  The Canon C100 is a camera popular with professionals, it has pretty much the same features as an iPhone 6 with one exception, its camera’s MegaPixel value is ever so slightly higher at 8.3MP.  It would be great to have and seem like a much better option to use to create a professional advertisement if you could drop several thousand dollars on it.  Best leave this purchase it to the professionals.

Now let’s shift the focus back to you and your business, you want a professional looking video for your business and you’re not willing to drop several thousand dollars on a camera loved by professionals because you’re a capitalist and you want to make the most of each dollar you have in your pocket.  How about the other thing in your pocket?  Not your wallet but your phone, can your phone make you that dream advertisement that will rake in those customers?  It seems good and the specs don’t lie, maybe just maybe it could work, all you really need is that little sprinkle of professionalism and make it look good.


Make it Look Professional
The easiest first step in the right direction is to make it look not homemade.  Don’t use cheesy lines or bad lighting unless you’re the head of Bad Puns Inc. or Lazy Lighting Limited.  You want your little iPhone movie production to be professional, you want it to look great and you want it to be cheap.  First, you need to have a clear vision of your film, what do you want it to say to your customers?  It has to scream out what your business is all about.  Once you have the theme in mind think of a scenario, something that can be shot locally starring your friends, employees or family.  Maybe you’re a company that specializes in fishing equipment, maybe you could drive over to the local lake and film someone’s dingy-not-from-your-company fishing rod snapping like a twig after snagging the tiniest of fish, then they use your awesome-from-your-company fishing rod and snag an amazing catch.  All you need is a microphone to clip onto the actor’s shirt and a decent editor and boom!  You have a professional looking advertisement!

Now let’s review

  • Your iPhone’s camera compares well when it comes to popular professional choices, use it for your very own iPhone movie production for your business instead of buying a camera that you might only use once.
  • Plan on what you want to record, look at professional advertisements and see what they do, your advertisement represents you and it should scream your business.
  • Once you have a plan double check it with your friends and employees, preferably without any bias, you want to make sure it can appeal to the masses, ask everyone you know and don’t know, maybe even ask the old lady crossing the street.
  • Get a small, cheap and decent microphone that you can record your actor or actress’ audio with, have them wear it inside their clothes so no one can see it and you’re good to go!
  • When you have your storyboard and scenes set, your dialogue set and made sure that anything remotely homemade is gone, film!
  • This is the part where you may actually want to pay someone if you need an editor that is, but if you don’t that’s more money saved.
  • Make sure your little iPhone productions is up to your standards and the level of professionalism blends in with the real industry professionals.
  • Profits!

For equipment:  An iPhone, preferably iPhone 5 or higher.  A small microphone that you can clip onto someone’s shirt to record their audio.  A stand of some sorts so you won’t have that jittery homemade feeling on your film.  A laptop to edit, maybe even someone if you’re willing to hire.

If you’re filming indoors, have a flashlight or several flashlights ready for better lighting, bad lighting makes for non-professional looking films.  Never use the audio recorded by the iPhone itself, it will also capture the surrounding sounds. Use the audio captured by the hidden clothes microphones.  Set the mood for your scenes, bright for happy cheery things and dark for dark unhappy things.  Be willing to redo it over and over again.  Have a backup file somewhere at all times, just in case.

Now you have everything you need, good luck, spend low, get rich and happy filming!  Contact us with any questions.